Digital POS systems in retailers are rapidly evolving as businesses bring out new technology to offer customers the personalized services they demand. For every retailer, the point of sale is the key to business success. This technology is changing customers’ expectations. Thus, for you to be a competitive retailer, you need to adopt POS systems that address these changing needs. Here are 4 digital trends to watch out in 2018:

Mobile POS and new payment options

Mobile POS integrates with a mobile device to process transactions and payments. In 2018, this mPOS are becoming a norm as they speed up check-out process and help you to interact with customers in a better way. As a small business owner, you will benefit as mobile POS does not require a large space for it to function. Also, you will not need to produce a cash register as this device will simplify all your tasks.

With mobile POS it will be easier to track your sales and inventory levels at different locations. In other words, you will manage multiple stores and at the same time interact with customers and offer them the service they need.

Digital wallet and credit cards

Digital wallet is crucial in every business as it secures customers’ sensitive data. Most merchants are into it because they can store multiple payment options on their mobile devices. Digital wallet will be of great benefit to your small business and also your customers as it will simplify the buying process. It stores customer’s card information on the server which will ease the shopping experience for customers.

Also, it will help increase sales as customers are interested in a business that offers a secure mode of payments. Thus, having these payment methods will make customers repeat their buying.

Expanding cloud server

The cloud-based server is becoming a vital tool in managing your store. You can efficiently manage your store while travelling or when at home. Also, you can integrate you POS through the cloud to ease workforce management as you can know the number of hours the employees worked. By this, you enhance labor efficiency as you always pay your employees depending on their work.

Reduced labor

Labor is becoming an issue in every business. Business owners have to train their employees to ensure they offer the best customer service. However, the POS system is changing the way of employing a massive number of employees. It makes it easier to monitor inventory. Thus, you do not need to use staffs to spend hours counting the products.


With these changes in POS systems, 2018 will be a year of success to every retailer at the point of sale industry. Hence, you need to adopt these trends to have a better chance to compete with big brand names.

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