Are you a budding business owner or an upcoming entrepreneur who want to start a business and have no idea of which POS system to use? If yes, here is the solution. Canada has great systems that are affordable and easy to use. They do a great job by processing sales and accepting payments. They come with advanced features that will enable you to analyze your sales, manage your inventory as well as manage customers and employees. Also, they have integration for outlet marketing which makes it easier to grow your business.  Here they are:

· Bindo pos

Bindo pos-a cloud-based point of sale system is best for iPad which facilitate online shopping. It comes with over 300 features that help you manage your retail store. Also, it offers you a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for your employees to use even without going to training institutions.

The greatest strength of Bindo Pos is its advanced capability to manage inventory, customers, monitor employees, as well as accurate pricing for your products. In particular, the time-clock technology helps you monitor the way your employees report to work. With this, you will ensure that they always keep time. Also, it integrates with QuickBooks to make payment process easy and fast.


The shopkeeper is the leading cloud-based system in Canada. It enables you to monitor sales, print receipts and tracks inventory. It comes with advanced features which are easy to set and use thus saving your time which leads to an increase in revenue. The greatest thing with Shopkeeper is the ability to process payments, develop sales reports and manage customers’ information. Hence, labor cost will reduce as you will not need more employees in your business to perform the task.

· TouchBistro

Are you running a hotel business or something related to food and beverage? If yes, TouchBistro could be the best for you. It has designs which meet the unique needs of the hotel industry. Although it lacks integration with back office, it tracks costs of goods and payroll time and cost in the restaurant. Also, it offers sales reports which enable management to know which items are serving best. You can use it for any food and beverage establishment. May it be a pub, café, or fine dining? It works well with iPad and iPad pro. Thus, you can use it in your small business due to its flexibility.


As you can see, none of these POS systems is better than the other. To decide on which system to use, it will depend on the type of your business. They offer 24/7 customer support. Thus, you are sure to get help anytime you need.

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